Those Funken Dronez
On August 18, 2016

Glitter Dome, Denver, CO

FPV Drone Racing Event featuring Rowdy Shadehouse

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About Those Funken Dronez

Those Funken Dronez is a revolutionary new way for the common person to experience and enjoy the thrilling and futuristic experience of live FPV Drone Racing.  What was once a mere hobby for brilliant minded tinkerers, is now becoming a main stream Tech Sport. You’ll be able to see through the eyes of the pilots as they navigate their way through That Funken Trak. You’ll also be able to get down and Funky to some amazing Funk Music and imbibe on some seriously Funky concoctions from the bar.

The Pilots who race on That Funken Trak at Those Funken Dronez
will prove themselves to be the most Funken Talented and Groovalicious Pilots in the world
because you know it’s gonna be
Funken Hard!

Those Funken Dronez Background

Be there to witness history in the making as FPV Drone Racing goes live to the public.
Be sure to choose the right crew to support, because your allegiance will be rewarded.

Event Schedule

The Event Schedule is subject to change at any time.

  • 07:00 pm - First Music Act

    To Be Announced...

  • 10:30 pm - Midnight - Headliner Music Act - Rowdy Shadehouse

    Check them out at

  • 06:00 pm - Event Start

    Gates Open at 6pm

  • By 06:00 pm - Drone Safety Meeting

    All pilots must pass a Safety and Compliance Check.  Please see the Race Rules for details. All Pilots must be present to compete.

Inspirational Video

Executive Presence

This production is a collaboration between, Coalescent Services, Creme De La Creme Event Management and MultiGP® Aurora Parker Denver FPV Rotocross

  • Mitchell Valentine - CEO / Director
  • Erick Crumb - COO / Event Producer
  • Scott Kopec - Technology Officer
  • Scott Clements - Talent Manager
  • Justin Barnett - Race Coordinator
  • Kye Larsen - Food / Beverage
  • Rick Quast - Race Coordinator - MultiGP® APD Chapter Leader
  • Chuck Browitt - Race Coordinator - MultiGP® APD Chapter Leader


The Funkiest, Fastest, and most Furious FPV Drone Pilots in the world.

The visionary and CEO of Those Funken Dronez, he will lead you on a journey to experiencing FPV Drone Racing like you've never funked it before.
Mitchell Valentine

CEO / Head Official

I've been flying R/C all my life.  I just got into FPV Racing last October after watching a French video on YouTube of quads racing through trees.  My first time putting on the goggles was all it took, I was hooked instantly.  FPV Racing is an addiction I don't want to get rid of.  

The Other Guys

My Moto is Fly it like its on fire because it just might be.. I'm a Colorado native. I've been into Quadcopters since I saw my IT guy with a Quadcopter plugged into his PC started indoor 4 years ago just for fun. 10 months ago I attended my first competitive FPV Race and have been hooked since. I can't wait to compete!

GREEN The Other Guys

I'm just a dude with an FPV addiction.  I need to get my funken fix.
Drone Cold Stunner

BLUE Meanies

"I like quads." says sidfpv_, one of the fastest racers in Colorado and he is about to prove himself at the Drone Nationals. We are honored to have sidfpv_ racing at TFD.

Screaming Yellow Zonkers

I've been flying competitively for just over 5 months and am ready to take on any appointment that comes my way!

BLUE Meanies

"Hi, Im NineeLives and I'm an FPV addict." NineeLives has been competitive in the Denver scene since FPV racing got started. He is a serious contender at TFD.

Screaming YELLOW Zonkers

Hello I'm Airbotrix! I fly video drones for a living, and racing drones for fun.

BLUE Meanies

Been flying RC for over 15yrs but just started flying FPV and multi rotors about 4 months ago. I fly before work during lunch and after work as much as I can. I average 60-70 packs a week right now. Just switched to 4s and built my first all-out racing quad for “Those Funken Drones” Been married for 25yrs have lived in Alaska and Hawaii and everywhere in between. Currently hang my hat in Littleton, CO and spend my free time flying with the APD crew!

GREEN The Other Guys

I've been doing RC since I was a kid, and starting flying multirotors more than 2 years ago. As soon as I discovered the miniquad racing scene, I was hooked! I'm a hardcore techno-hacker and love building, tinkering, designing, etc. I'll be flying the APD Raptor XH a custom frame I developed for members of the MultiGP APD chapter.

Blue Meanies

Is a pincher, sponsored OAS, genstattu pilot, been flying FPV a couple of years. Chapter organizer of THE OTHER GUYS FPV.

The Other Guys

I started flying multirotors about 5 years ago in school. I though it was one of the coolest things I'd ever done. Since then I've gained employment as the repair technician at Remote Control hobbies Littleton, where i fix peoples RC cars, planes, helicopters, multi rotors, and boats on a daily basis. RC has been a sincere passion ever since I started flying. I bought my first race quad a little over a year ago and have been acing for just a couple months.

Captain - Blue Meanies

Hi my name is Stacy I race under the name green bean. My birthday falls on st. Patrick's day and I am Hispanic hence the name green bean. I have been flying fpv for a little over a year and I'm a true fpv addict! I have flown airplanes and helicopters for over 15 years and have always wanted to fly fpv but didn't have the funds or the knowledge till now. It is the best feeling in the world to be able to fly and feel like a bird or fly like a plane.
Green bean

Captain - RED Team APD

Tyler has created a website dedicated to FPV racing.  Visit them at  


My career is in Cardiology, but my heart is into FPV! I have been flying seriously for about 6 months now and there is no turning back! FPV for LIFE! #10packadayhabit #APDFPV

Captain - Screaming Yellow Zonkers

Crazy Flyr is one of the original officers who created the MultiGP® APD Chapter.  


Barber by trade. Multirotor Pilot by obession. Freestyle addict, born to fly all-out or crash trying!!


I have been flying for 3 years and racing for 1. I love building and racing equality. It is such an adrenaline rush.


My name is Timothy, but most people in the racing community just know me as Sky. I'm the guy with the unconventional build. I believe that records, standards, and rules, are made to be broken, and pushed to the limit.

Screaming Yellow Zonkers

I'm KnightRider AKA Justin Barnett. I love racing dronez and going fast!!

Screaming Yellow Zonkers

Details are still to come about the mysterious MrStoner.

GREEN The Other Guys

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  • Barbicyanide
  • Apex
  • Green Bean - Captain
  • RaceDayQuads
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Screaming Yellow Zonkers

  • NineeLives
  • Sky
  • Hype - Captain
  • KnightRider
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BLUE Meanies

  • Drone Cold Stunner
  • Kestrel - Captain
  • Airbotrix
  • PProvost
  • RooRoo
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GREEN The Other Guys

  • Colorado CJ
  • GostFalcon
  • TeamDefiance - Captain
  • MrStoner
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Pilot Registrations

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  • Awesome Prizes.
  • This is going to be a race for the books.
  • That Funken Trak
  • A Funky good time!
  • Spots are filling up quick.
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Generic Questions About This Event

FPV Drone Racing has suffered from a lack of ability to make it exciting for the audience.  There is too much time in between races and people aren’t really sure yet who to root for.  We are solving that problem.  Those Funken Dronez is going to be one of the most exciting and entertaining racing competitions you’ve ever experienced, and we’re going to help you understand who the hottest racers in the FPV Drone Racing Scene are.
A few pieces of amazing technology have developed to the point to make many of our flying dreams come true.  Racers can now strap a video transmitter onto a frame with 4 motors, controlled by a tiny computer that will send a pretty clear video signal to a pair of goggles with tiny screens in them that allow the pilot to control the multi-rotor at insane speeds with precise control.
Things really came together in late 2015.  In the Denver scene MultiGP® has been a huge organizing force to get us all together.  Many people have been flying multi-rotors for years, but 2016 is really the year of the dronez!
Most people get started flying micro multi-rotors that you can buy relatively cheap these days.  For $20 you can get up in the air and mess around. If you want to get into racing though, you’re going to need to build yourself a racer.  There are Ready To Fly (RTF) kits out there, but if you’re ever going to compete you’re going to need to get comfortable with a soldering iron.
Definitely, we will be announcing the frequency that the pilots are on and if you have a pair of FPV Goggles that you want to use, you will have a wonderful view of the race.  We will have large screens that display what the racers see, so you will not necessarily need them though. 
Top pilots have registered and formed 4 teams that are going to compete against each other to get the most amount of laps.  Each race will be 2 minutes long and 1 pilot from each team will be in each heat.  There will be 4 rounds with 5 heats total.  The pilot will try to get as many laps as possible within 2 minutes.  At the end of 2 minutes they will be allowed to finish the lap they are on, but it will become extra challenging. Prizes will be awarded to both the 1 place pilot and the winning team.
In the event of a tie we will hold a tie breaker race.  The losing pilots will need to remove their props and kneel to present them to the winner.
The answer is YES, if you’re 21 years of age! Be sure to choose the winning team when you buy your tickets. We will provide you with free beer from Comrade Brewery after we announce the winner.  There will probably be other fancy benefits to being on the winning team as well.  Also might be some consequences for being on the losing team. All Ages get into Episode 2 FREE.
We don’t care what time your kids go to bed on a Thursday night during the summer.  Bring them along.  Kids under 12 are FREE too.
Absolutely,  That Funken Trak will be protected from the audience by a large netting.  You will be able to see the entire track, but the dronez won’t come flying out towards you.  We have also specifically designed the track to make it as safe as possible.  You will definitely see some epic crashes though.


Our Esteemed Partners/Sponsors for this event

A collaboration between, Coalescent Services, & the MultiGP® Aurora Parker Denver FPV Rotocross Chapter. To Sponsor the event please read check out our Event Sponsorship pdf.


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