Audience Participation Obstacles are a totally going to be a thing in drone racing.

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We all know that FPV drone racing is insanely fun and dream fulfilling for the pilots.  Many of us are seriously addicted to the experience.  It bridges so many of our favorite things.  It’s like a video game, mixed with virtual reality, mixed with the experience of flying, mixed with geeky tech, engineering, programming, and hanging out with fantastic people.  The problem with drone racing is that it has historically been pretty boring for the audience.  People get bored quickly waiting forever for us to get our gear in the air.  It may take 20 minutes to eventually watch 2 minutes of racing.  The race itself is difficult to watch.  The quads are small and fast and the field is large.

Our goal with Those Funken Dronez is to bring the audience into the race.  To really connect the pilots to their fans and to support as many creative ways as possible to keep everyone completely engaged with the experience.  Our races will run every 10 minutes and in between we’ll have plenty of ways to keep you entertained while we setup for the next heat.  There will be large screens to show you the racers views and the audience is encouraged to bring their own FPV goggles.

We will constantly be bringing out surprises and we’ve got one really exciting audience participation obstacle in the works.  For now you’ll just have to imagine what happens when you combine a bicycle, a gun, and some seriously funky FPV drone racing.  It will be a hands on way for the audience to affect the outcome of the race.

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