Pilot Registrations Coming Soon!

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Pilot Registrations will be available very soon.

In the mean time you can prepare your application.  We are going to need 3 videos from you and a Profile Picture as well.

  1. The first video will be a very short (no longer than 2 minutes) personal introduction.  You should include where you’re from, what you fly, how long you’ve been flying, and some interesting tidbits about yourself and your racing career.
  2. The second video should be a demonstration of your FPV racing abilities on an organized course, DVR footage of race would be ideal.
  3. The third video should demonstrate your flying skills in any other way you see fit.  You could post a video of you bombing Dacono Tower or ripping through the trees in the woods.  Whatever shows off your style and abilities for people to enjoy.

The current Race Rules are posted.  Please refer to them regularly.  We will post in the event of updates to the Official Race Rules.  Be sure to have a careful read through them.  You will be required to sign a Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement as well as carry insurance that covers your piloting activities.  You will be asked for your AMA Membership Number for insurance purposes.  We will release more details information about what is required in the near future.

There will be a fee for pilot registration of $35.  This fee will need to be paid during registration to hold your position. Pilots will also be allowed 1 (one) Pit Crew Member.  They will need to purchase a $16 Pit Crew Ticket for them as well.  Those Funken Dronez will provide a Green Room area for Pilots and Pit Crew Members Only.  You will be treated like a VIP Member for being there.  You are the stars of the show and we are going to treat you that way.

We will be accepting 28 pilots for the first Those Funken Dronez so be ready to register as soon as it becomes available because the spots will fill up quickly.

We will also be dividing pilots into 4 different crews.  The Red Crew will always be the APD (Aurora Parker Denver) Racing Crew, if you would like to join the APD team please sign up quickly as those slots will fill up the fastest.  The Blue Crew, Green Crew, and Yellow Crew will all be determined by the first pilot to register for each crew.  That person will have the exclusive rights to name the Crew for the event.

Top pilots may be required to participate in a Meet and Greet with VIP Audience members.  You may be asked to answer lots of questions about our fantastic sport so be prepared to represent for the community.