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Official Race Rules and Procedures


  1. The purpose of the Those Funken Dronez FPV Rotorcross Race is to determine the fastest extreme pilots in the world.  
  2. The Race Rules can only be changed by the CEO of Those Funken Dronez
  3. Pilots
    1. All ages are welcome.
    2. All nationalities are welcome.
    3. Pilots are responsible for their own aircraft.
    4. Pilots must provide their own aircraft.
      1. All Aircraft must pass Safety Check
      2. All Aircraft must meet the Aircraft Specification (Section 3)
    5. Pilots are required to have their own FPV Goggles or Screen with video receiver.
      1. Frequency will be determined by the team you are racing on.
    6. Pilots must be aware of the Rules and Procedures.
    7. Pilots must only fly in the designated areas.
  4. Aircraft Specifications
    1. No craft dimension should exceed 250mm.
    2. No greater than 4s (4 cell) 14.7v batteries.
    3. LiHV Batteries are permitted.
    4. 1s, 2s and 3s Batteries are permitted.
    5. No greater than 6” propellers will be permitted.
      1. Carbon fibre propellers are NOT permitted.
      2. No blade number requirement
    6. No limit to the number of motors on one frame.
    7. No shape requirements for the frame.
    8. Aircraft must be fitted with the following equipment
      1. 5v +/- leads to power Time Tracking Device.
      2. Propellers to match the color of the team they are assigned to.
      3. LED lights that are visible from all angles that are the color of the team they are assigned to.
      4. Max 200mw video Tx (transmitter) set to established frequency for your team. See website for specifications.
      5. Circular polarized antennas
        1. You will either be assigned left or right hand polarization
      6. FAA Registration Number must be printed on the frame in some manner.
  5. Registration
    1. All pilots must pay the established Registration Fee and complete the application in its entirety to be eligible to race.
    2. All pilots must have their aircraft registered with the FAA and have the number visible on their aircraft.
    3. Pilot may choose which team they would like to represent during Registration.
    4. Pilots that do not declare a team will placed on teams at the discretion of the Race Officials.
    5. There will be 4 color teams with initially 5 pilots on each team.  
      1. Red – Team APD – Home Team
      2. Blue – Name Determined by First Pilot Registered
      3. Green – Name Determined by First Pilot Registered
      4. Yellow – Name Determined by First Pilot Registered
    6. The first pilot to register on a particular team will have the right to declare the Team Name for the event.
    7. The Red Team will always be Team APD and pilots will not be allowed to declare the Team Name for that team.
    8. All pilots submit 3 videos for Those Funken Dronez to use in promotional materials and must grant Limited Rights for Those Funken Dronez LLC to use those videos for promotional purposes.
      1. Video 1 – Short introduction video.
        1. Where you are from
        2. How long you have been racing
        3. Show your favorite racing quad
      2. Video 2 – FPV clip of you racing
      3. Video 3 –  Clip of your choice showing off your skills.
      4. Optional:  You can create one video with all of these qualities.
  6. Race Rules
    1. The top 20 racers, 5 racers per team, 4 teams competing per race.
    2. Racers will be ordered randomly.
    3. There will be 3 rounds with 5 heats.
    4. Each heat will last 2 minutes.
    5. Each racer must complete as many laps as possible within 2 minutes.
    6. Racers will be allowed to finish the lap they are on after 2 minutes.
    7. The race begins at the start of the buzzer.
    8. Pilots must be prepared to arm their quads and start before the buzzer.
    9. The races will begin based on the official clock.
    10. Races will begin every 10 minutes.
    11. Only the Senior Official or CEO of Thoze Funken Dronez may Stop the Official Clock
    12. Pilots are allowed one Pit Person to assist them.
      1. The Pit Person must be registered before the race and will receive a Pit Person Badge
    13. At the end of Round 3 in the event of a tie between the top 2, 3 or 4 racers there will be a tiebreaker race to determine the winner.
      1. Tiebreaker will be a 2 minute race with greatest number of laps, decided by first to cross the finish line as well.
      2. The loser of the tie breaker must remove their props from their quad and bow to present them to the winner of the race.
  7. Winner Declaration
    1. The winner will be determined by the Those Funken Dronez Race Officials
    2. Declaration of the winners will happen before the Headlining act performs.
    3. All audience members who are wearing the coordinated colored wristband with the team that wins will receive promotional benefits.
      1. For example if the Red Team has the most total points then all audience members with Red Wristbands will be given free admission to the next Thoze Funken Dronez.
      2. They also may receive promotional prizes provided by sponsors.
  8. Prizes
    1. Prizes will be announced the day of the event.
  9. Crash Issue Mitigation
    1. Those Funken Dronez racing is full contact racing and intentional contact is permitted.
    2. Pilots are responsible for damage done to their aircraft by any and all parts of the track, audience participation obstacles, and other aircraft.  
    3. Audience Participation Obstacles (APOs)
      1. Pilots will be rewarded with Sponsored Parts and Prizes for being disabled by APOs.
  10. Technical Issue Resolution
    1. Safety Check
      1. Failsafe Check
      2. Frequency Check
      3. Aircraft Specification (Section 3) Check
      4. Pilot Sanity/Sobriety/Responsibility Check
        1. All pilots must attest that they are Sane, Sober, and Responsible and will act accordingly for the entire race. Any breach of these 3 tenets will be grounds for immediate disqualification and ejection from the event as determined by any of the Staff, Management, or Ownership of Those Funken Dronez LLC.  
    2. 1 Pass Then You’re Out
      1. Each pilot will have one (1) Pass allowed for technical issue resolution or DNF.
      2. The Pass racers will be slotted to re-race at the end of the Round/Qualifying Race.
    3. Video
      1. Those Funken Dronez is constantly striving to improve the video performance, reduce interference and ensure highest frame rate, highest quality, lowest interference performance possible in the arena.  
      2. TFD will provide video jacks to base stations that are specifically designed to provide the best video performance possible within the space.
      3. Video issues relating to OSD errors or video Tx errors will be the responsibility of the pilot and will require the use of 1 Pass to re-race.  
      4. If video Tx are caused by TFD equipment or video failure we will allow the pilot to re-race at the end of the Round without penalty as determined by the Officials.
    4. Transmitter
      1. Control transmitter/receiver issues are the responsibility of the pilot.  This includes binding issues, incorrect setup, and wiring.  These issues should be checked before the race and it is the racer’s responsibility to ensure they have a correctly operating system before entering the race.  Any transmitter issue will require the use of 1 Pass to re-race.
    5. Motor/ESC/Frame/FC/Battery
      1. The safe and controlled flight, operation of the aircraft, and maintenance of its parts is the responsibility of the pilot.  All aspects of the design, coordination of parts, and powering of the craft is the responsibility of the pilot.  Pilots will need to pass Safety Check with their equipment to ensure it meets the Aircraft Specifications. Any mechanical issue will require the use of 1 Pass to re-race.