Glitter Dome Events Center

/ Posted By: AiMingQi


The Glitter Dome is home to all sorts of exciting events and is the perfect place to have an exciting FPV Drone Race.  That Funken Trak will be a 100′ x 60′ box, with a large safety net on the south side.  The track has been specially designed to allow maximum viewing while allowing for some challenging and competitive racing.  Special precautions have also been made to ensure everyone’s safety.  There will also be a large audience area with drone related vendors, food trucks, and a bar for the adults.

The event is entirely indoors so weather is not an issue.  Be sure to bring your FPV Goggles if you have them as we will be announcing the frequencies the pilots are on the day of the race.

Wear the colors appropriate for your team if you feel like it.  The pilots will love the support you bring and it will help them win the race.

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